Speaker Videos of 2017

The speakers at the Jefferson County Republican Men's Club provide us with valuable news and insight.  We have begun to record their remarks for  the benefit of members who didn't make it to a particular meeting and want to hear what was said.  These recordings are unique to our club, and are not available anywhere else. 


Available videos:
(2016 archived here)
(2015 archived here)

1/9/2017 Ari Armstrong "Are You Really a Liberal?"
1/16/2017 Marty Neilson "Catching up with CUT"
1/23/2017 Jeff Hays  El Paso County GOP Chairman
1/30/2017 Steve House  State GOP Chairman
2/6/2017 Mandy Connell     850KOA radio show hostess
2/13/2017 Anil Mathai Adams County GOP Chairman
2/20/2017 Dan McMinimee Jeffco School Superintendent
2/27/2017 Kevin Grantham  Colorado Senate President
3/6/2017 Lynn Bartels  Comm Dir. of Sec. of State, CO
3/13/2017 Victor Mitchell        Candidate for Governor
3/27/2017 Laura Boggs  Former School Board Member
4/3/2017 Ronald J. Scott      "Saving America"
4/10/2017 Joe Webb             Jeffco COP Chairman
4/17/2017 Krista Kafer     710KNUS radio show hostess
4/24/2017 Ron Sandstrom         Jeffco Assessor
5/1/2017 Christine Jensen  Candidate for Senate Dist. 20
5/8/2017 Burt Wagner          "Civil Asset Forfeiture"
5/15/2017 Sue Summers  "We Must Teach Media Literacy"
6/5/2017 Lew Gaiter         GOP Candidate for Governor
6/12/2017 David Cook             Arvada Municipal Judge
6/19/2017 Jeff Shrader      Jefferson County Sheriff
6/26/2017 Justin Everett     Colorado State Representative




7/10/2017 Michael Alcorn           Columnist and Author
7/17/2017 Tim Neville              Colorado State Senator
7/24/2017 Lana Fore          NRA Instructor on gun laws
8/7/2017 Jason Glass      Jeffco School Superintendent
8/21/2017 Marty Neilson     Colorado Union of Taxpayers
8/28/2017 Randy Corporan           710KNUS Radio Host
9/11/2017 Matt Van Griesen and Erica Shields
School Board Candidates
9/18/2017 Andy McKean              Liberty Day Institute
9/25/2017 Dave Chandler       Arvada For All The People
10/9/2017 Tim Leonard               Representative, H.D, 25
10/16/2017 Matt Arnold Keep CO Judiciary Constitutional
10/23/2017 Kevin Lundberg   Candidate for CO Treasurer
10/30/2017 Laura Boggs  Status of School Board Election
11/6/2017 Glenn Wallace  Editor of Colorado Community Media
11/13/2017 Joe Webb                Jeffco GOP Chairman
11/20/2017 John Graham           Jefferson County Coroner
11/27/2017 Tom Tancredo            Candidate for Governor
12/11/2017 Jeff Hunt          Director, Centennial Institute
12/11/2017 Robert Gore             Author and Commentator