Speaker Videos 2014 and 2015

The speakers at the Jefferson County Republican Men's Club provide us with valuable news and insight.  We have begun to record their remarks for  the benefit of members who didn't make it to a particular meeting and want to hear what was said.  These recordings are unique to our club, and are not available anywhere else. 


Available videos: (2016 here)

11/24/14   Krista Kafer          CCU Communications Professor

1/12/15     Jane Goff       State Board of Education member

1/19/15     Robert Blackwell     "How do we vet candidates?"

1/26/15     Matt Arnold           founded "Clear the Bench Colorado"

3/2/15      Natalie Menten      "TIF's and PIF's and development"

3/9/15       Derrick Wilburn   Founder of "Conservatives of Color"

3/16/15     Anil Mathai               Chairman, Adams County GOP

3/23/15     Glenn Rhoades    "EMP and Colorado preparedness"

4/6/15      Three Jeffco Commissioners    How is Jeffco Doing?

4/13/15    Randy Corporon  "Why I am optomistic for 2016"

5/11/15     Darrel Glenn  Candidate for US Senate

5/11/15     Mark Deven  Arvada City Manager

5/18/15    Todd Shepherd  Founder of "Complete Colorado"

6/1/15       Peter Homberber  His life since Nazi Germany

6/8/15       Jeff Shrader   Jefferson County Sheriff

6/15/15     Pete Weir        Jefferson County District Attorney

6/22/15     Jared Wright   Editor of "Colorado Statesman"


7/20/15      Sheila Atwell  Founder of "Jeffco Students First"

7/27/15     Jake Jabs    CEO of American Furniture

8/3/2015   Amy Oliver Cook  "Big Green Empire Building"

8/10/15     Michael Alcorn  "The Advantage of Great Style"

8/31/15     Susan Kochevar "Dealing with Bureaucracy"

9/14/15    Casper Stockham  President "Conservatives of Color"

9/21/15    Bob Natelson  The Magna Carta

10/12/15    Jonah Hearne  Jeffco GOP Area Coordinator

10/19/15    Matt Arnold   Founder of "Clear the Bench Colorado"

11/2/15     Pete Weir   Jeffco District Attorney

11/9/15     Tim Neville   Colorado State Senator

11/16/15   Richard Bratten Founder of "Principles of Liberty"

11/23/15    David Cooke   Arvada Municipal Judge

11/30/15    Darryl Glenn  Candidate for US Senate

12/2/15     Mike Rosen  850 KOA Radio host

12/21/15   Linda Gorman  Independence Institute